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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
About DaRK PaRTY

Welcome to DaRK PaRTY.

We're a (semi)-literate online magazine focused on literature, movies and music (with some poetry and fiction tossed in). We have a simple manifesto: "Literate Blather."

Publishers & Writers

We review books: fiction and non-fiction. We enjoy literary and crime fiction, but also occasionally review non-fiction. Please email at darkpartyreview[AT]gmail[DOT]com for details and for our mailing address on where to send review copies. We regret at this time that we can no longer accept vanity or self-published books.

We also interview authors. Recent interviews have included Kim Harrison, Ken Bruen, Hannah Tinti, Steve Almond, Ed Gorman, and Michael Marshall Smith among many others.

Movie Producers & Distributors

We also review and compile best of list on DVDs. You can also email us at darkpartyreview[AT]gmail[DOT]com for details.

Regular Features

We feature all kinds of nonsense, but we do have a several ongoing features:

Cracked-Back Book Reviews: Quick reviews on the books we're reading in any given month. We grade them from A to F.

Fantastically Bad Cinema: Our scathing reviews of really terrible movies (and some so bad that they're actually good -- like a car wreck you can't take your eyes off of -- like "Cocktail.")

Ode To: Our reviews of films that have made a cultural impact or that we just deem really cool.

5 Questions About: Interviews with authors, academics, musicians, artists, historians, and interesting people. Topics have included: ants, the Great War, candy, Shakespeare, Pilgrims, and Friday the 13th.

Book Reviews: Umm, you know, reviews of books. And, yes, we enjoy reviewing new authors and books from independent publishers. We also review graphic novels and non-fiction.

Literary Criticism: Analysis of our favorite short stories. Writers we've reviewed include Hemingway, Edith Wharton, Edgar Allen Poe, and Tobias Wolff.

Essays: Opinion pieces on cultural and society -- from why you should mow your own lawn to why workers need a bill of rights.

We also do our famous best of lists on books, film, and music. Everything from "Hollywood's Most Awkward Nude Scenes" to the "Overlooked Albums By Great Bands."

We aim for honesty (well, kind of). Our hope is that DaRK PaRTY will annoy you, make you laugh, make you think, and make you fire back a snarky comment or two. We welcome suggestions and contributions. Please write us at:


Who is behind this abomination?

GFS3 -- Editor and Publisher. GFS3 is a former journalist turned consultant. He fancies himself a writer and a reader -- although there are serious questions about his ability to proofread. He's been called obnoxious by many, but insists that he's simply misunderstood. GFS3 is a die-hard Red Sox and New England Patriots fan. He also prides himself on reading about 50 books a year.

Viking -- Chief Technology Officer. Viking is, unfortunately, the brother of GFS3. He's the brains behind the operations (basically there to turn on and off GFS3's computer). Viking works for one of the largest software companies in the world. When he's not saving the world from bad code, he's down in his workshop making sawdust.

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Blogger Catfish Rivers said...
Hey, it's Catfish Rivers from www.reversemonster.org. Thanks for your comment. Would love to exchange links. Adding your link right after I finish this comment.

I like yer site too btw, I could learn some stuff from your site. :)

Blogger Lavaughn Towell said...
Just read your (old) interview with Stephen Ryder. I was on digg.com and found it searching for Ripper stuff. I'm glad I did-your site's an interesting read. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I guess I'll love your work and I'm secretly hoping u read a little Italian because here is the address of the blog I write with my best friend (she's studying as a director-me, I'm a student/writer/tai chi teacher). And I guess it can be very suitable for your eyes..

Blogger GFS3 said...
Alas, no Italian!

Blogger Unknown said...
Given your recent Crane kick, you might like to know that a new stage adaptation of "The Blue Hotel" will be performed in Harrisonburg, VA at Court Square Theater (for dates and ticket info visit www.courtsquaretheater.com).

The Playhouse presents...
Stephen Crane's "The Blue Hotel"
Adapted and Directed by Michael Trocchia
Featuring Original Music by The Shakes myspace.com/thebluehotelplay

Coinciding with the play: "The Blue Hotel" Art Exhibit, artworks in the spirit of Crane's original story, will be held at THE ARTFUL DODGER in downtown Harrisonburg (located in the building adjacent to the theater). The exhibit will open February 13th and run through March 1st, along side of the performance run.

This project is made possible, in part, through a grant from the Arts Council of the Valley.

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