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Monday, September 11, 2006
5 Questions About: 9/11

(On this solemn 5th remembrance of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, DaRK PaRTY sought out Jimmy Walter, the multimillionaire businessman who has organized the ReOpen 911 Committee. Walter, an outspoken critic of the Bush administration, has called for an independent investigation of the events of 9/11 – claiming that the original government investigation was a whitewash. At first, Walter and his supporters claimed the 9/11 attacks were sins of omission by the Bush administration – but the tone and tenor of their criticism has gotten more volatile since 2004. Walter now believes that there is ample evidence that the 9/11 attacks may have been organized and executed by the U.S. government.)

DaRK PaRTY: Mr. Walter, most Americans accept the official verision of the 9/11 attacks as doctrine -- that Muslim extremists belonging to Al Qaeda highjacked commercial aircraft and crashed them into targets on a suicide mission against the United States. Can you give DaRK PaRTY readers a brief overview of why you think the 9/11 investigation needs to be reopened?

Jimmy Walter: The Pentagon lawn is unscathed yet the "eyewitnesses" who support the government claim [American Airlines Flight 77] hit the lawn. The initial hole at the Pentagon is only 18 feet wide, far too small for a 757 [airliner]. There are no plane parts, tail, luggage, or bodies to be seen. The still photos releases show poles and cars that move and change color. The videos and stills released show a plane far too small to be a 757.

In Pennsylvania [where United Airlines Flight 93 crashed], there are no plane parts, no bodies, no luggage, etc, just a hole in the ground that allegedly swallowed the plane, unlike any other crash in history.

DP: You believe that explosives were used to bring down the Twin Towers in New York City. What evidence points to the use of explosives?

JW: The Twin Towers can be seen blowing apart from explosives. The buildings did not pancake down, but rather exploded floor by floor as you can see on our Contest page. In Rick Siegel's film, "911 Eyewitness" clearly shows flashes from the explosions. The last part of the collapse looks just like a micro-nuclear explosion with pieces of steel flying up and out hundreds of meters, trailing vaporizing steel behind them. Even if it was not a micro nuke, no collapse could have caused that.

DP: One of the most compelling videos on the ReOpen 9/11 site is about American Airlines Flight 77 which hit the Pentagon. Why do you think Flight 77 didn't strike the Pentagon and what do you think happened to the actual plane and passengers?

JW: See my answer to the first question above. As for the passengers, I do not know. What I do know is that the U.S. military planned in 1961 to fake the destruction of an American airliner after disguising military personnel as civilians and secretly landing the same airliner.

DP: Building 7 in the World Trade Center complex is also a fascinating case. Can you give us a brief overview of the controversy surrounding that building's collapse?

JW: Building 7 was not hit by an airplane and had small fires. It may have been damaged by falling debris, but two buildings between it and the Twin Towers were also hit by falling debris - they did not collapse. Building 7 collapsed straight down from internal column failure, just like the controlled demolition that it was.

DP: You're a successful entrepreneur and businessman who has spent almost a $7 million dollars of your own money trying to get the investigation into 9/11 reopened. Some people in the media call you a crackpot and others a hero. What is the reaction you get from corporate America and the general public?

JW: Corporate America ignores me. Anyone of the general public that watches my video seriously questions the government and mainstream media's version (of what happened on 9/11). If you want expansion, it is all on my website.

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