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Friday, October 20, 2006
Poem: It

By Floetry Spades

Like a spider slithering up a wall
and through my teeth
beneath my skin
at the bottom of my feet

My stomach growls to me

like Rhythm and Blues
bombastic and loose
like untied shoes

And then there are my day-dreams of you

and you don't know who you are
and I ain't ever gonna tell you

It's a red-light being run by a black cat

the principle of drama
the line that kids cross
while they wait for the stop sign to turn green
it's what he said or what she said,
and every voice inbetween

Now, I know a spider can weave

such a web of lies, but
isn't the truth thick enough
to catch any fly?

But if a fly should decide

no longer to hide
wouldn't the truth set him free?

In the meantime, I'll day-dream of you

and you'll never know who you are
and I ain't ever gonna tell you

It's like a reflection being shattered by a mirror

the principle of self-esteem
and what's left of it bleeding on the bathroom floor
it's a silhouette of a spider, who looks like a man
feels like a woman,
but breathes like a human being

And it yearns to be the fly on the wall

it wants to spread its wings all over you
or maybe dance to some Rhythm and Blues
then trip over his untied shoes
I can't escape my day-dreams of you ...

And you don't know who you are

and you'll never know how you make me feel
because I'll always hide
and I'll never know myself
because I'm too afraid to run a red-light
or cross one of those lines
or I'm too afraid of what he'll say
or what she'll sayor one of those voices inbetween
and then you'd day-dream of me

I'd be the vague memory

of the boy who sat adjacent to you some 20 years ago
while learning geometry
and you never knew who I was
because I never bothered to let "it" show

I always figured there'd be a tommorrow

I mean...

Maybe one day I'll...

(Floerty Spades in a young poet from Mississippi. He says he didn't find art, but it found him. "Writing has always been my method of choice when I want to vent or scream," he said. Floery would like to puruse a career in politics someday. If you want to learn more about his poetry and his passions please visit his web site: http://floetryspades.com.)

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