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Monday, December 04, 2006
Poem: The Strangest Thing

By: Jess Myers
We were having dinner

at some fancy place

I had the truffle linguine Alfredo

--have you ever noticed

how truffles taste

earthy, moist like

deep tongue kissing? Amazing...

it was then I realized

everyone’s feet were hidden

under the table linens,

and I wondered if they were all

foot-fucking under the tables in this fancy joint.

And there it was like some

missing piece in the jigsaw mysteries

of high society, like judging good wine

or setting too many forks at the table.

Well, alright, I want in the club too,

so I kicked off my shoes

worked your manpiece around between my

toes, and then, the strangest thing

I think the wine quivered in the glass

just before the geyser

blew our table ten feet straight up.

We should have tipped the waiter extra

for scraping our food off the ceiling

but I think he understood

you were too wiped out

to reach for your wallet.

(Jess Myers graduated from Ithaca College in May of 2006, with a degree in creative writing. Her work is largely autobiographical, though she sometimes calls it fiction, because she takes perverse pleasure in seeing what meaning people ascribe to her life. Her favorite writers are David Sedaris (whose reading inspired her to change her major from vocal performance to creative writing), Dorothy Parker, and Flannery O'Connor, to name a few. Jess is also a trained equestrian and archer. Her full portfolio can be found on WritersCafe.org.)

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