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Saturday, December 23, 2006
Season's Greetings

To celebrate the holidays in style DaRK PaRTY will be taking the week off. We'll be back with the best in literate blather on Jan. 2, 2007.

DaRK PaRTY wishes our loyal readers and wonderful contributors a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We want to take the time to single out some of the fantastic people who agreed to be interviewed for our "5 Questions About" feature or had the courage to trust an up-and-coming literary site with their most valuable commodity -- their fiction and poetry.

So very warm holidays wishes and a very special thank you to:

- Viking, my loyal brother and the best damn technical administrator in history
- Rev. Colson Crosslick, Arkansas' brightest far-right Christian preacher
- Merete Jankowski, Denmark's finest art historian
- Graphic Designer, Paul Ocepek
- Truth seeker, Matt McLaughlin, senior editor at Media Matters for America
- Joe Lavigne, owner of Arcanum Cafe
- Canada's undiscovered great poet, Rebecca Traquair
- NESN Sportscaster and good friend, Tom "T.C." Caron
- David O'Connor, producer, writer, and co-star of "The Captain Humphrey's Project"
- Writer and humorist, Matt Neuman of the Ironic Times
- Poet Beki Reese
- Artist Johniene Papandreas
- Irene Mar, the world's biggest Tintin fan
- Best-selling novelist and all-around good guy, R.A. Salvatore
- Jimmy Walter, millionaire and 9/11 conspiracy theorist
- Novelist and outstanding writing teacher, Laurie Foos
- Next generation poet, Floetry Spades
- Drummer Billy Conway of Treat Her Right and Morphine (stay loose, dude!)
- Michael Phillips, Bukowski fan and struggling writer
- Author and blogger, Glenn Greenwald
- Poet Kara Emily Krantz
- Simon Keller, B.U. professor and philospher
- Abstract poet, Salvatore Antonio Cavataio
- Online scare writer, Alex Severin
- Horror writer, L. Kenyon
- Joseph Kosiewska, fiction writer and gifted critic
- Comic book writer and columnist, Matt Fraction
- Tony Carrillo, writer and illustrator of F-Minus (he owns a freakin' robot!)
- Jess Myers, poet and writer
- B.U. English professor and Shakespeare lover, Jennifer Formichelli

DaRK PaRTY has plans for global domination in 2007, including a redesign and better proofreading.

See you in 2007!

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