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Sunday, October 26, 2008
DP's Magical Mystery Tour #4

(Culling the very best from the DaRK PaRTY NeTWORK)

  • David Wellington may be one of the most prolific horror writers in the business these days (we interviewed him about horror fiction not long ago). He's fearless when it comes to using the Web as a channel for him. He's one of the few authors that you really believe doesn't care about publishing books -- he just wants to tell scary stories. How's that for refreshing? He loves serialization (hello, Dickens) and one of his most ambitious novels is called Frostbite -- a horror story about werewolves in the Arctic Circle. If you like horror -- you really can't go wrong.
  • Raych over at Books I Done Read gets a little too sexual with her copy of Nick Hornby's completely overrated "About a Boy."
  • Emma Larkins wants to be a published writer -- and she started an interested blog about the difficulty emerging writers have in, well, getting published. She has writing tips, interviews, and thoughtful analysis of the writing business through the eyes of a novice. The blog his called (drumroll please) Emerging Emma.
  • Over at Tomb It May Concern, they dug up a really cool looking house ad for Marvel Comics that features a retro Spidey, Ironman, Thor, and Human Torch (remember when Human Torch was one of the most popular Marvel superheroes? Wasn't that back in the 70s?).
  • Remember: When you need a laugh head over to Pop Sensation. It's a freakin' howl.
  • The Toasted Scrimtar wonders why there is a lack of yodelers in Fantasy Fiction? With all the damn bards and singers - you'd think there would be at least one yodeler. Alas!
  • When the Dead Walk the Earth writes about the guilty pleasure of watching cheesy horror movies in his youth -- and give a great remove of the B-movie classic "The Rats" as well.
  • Speaking of cheesy horror movies -- why haven't you entered our "easy as pie" contest to win 50 Horror Movie Classics?
  • The Sunset Gun has one of the best tributes to Paul Newman that I've read. I wanted to write a blog post about Newman -- but I just couldn't find the words. Sunset Gun didn't have that problem.
  • Lone Justice was one of our favorite bands from the 1980s -- and "Shelter" is their best song.
  • Cracked Magazine -- a staple from my childhood -- has a fantastic parody of Halloween -- with a look at Michael Myers in the deleted scenes of the classic horror movie. Laugh out loud funny.

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