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Thursday, July 13, 2006
Pony Tails: Children's Author Neville Onions Returns


(Author and Wales native Neville Onions delighted children in the late 1960s and early 1970s with dozens of children’s books. His “Hop-along Tails with Ripley Rabbit” series were bestsellers in the United Kingdom and won numerous accolades. The first book of the series, Ripley Hops Away won the prestigious Caldecott Medal. But his last two books, both published in 1973, Damon Trips Out and Falling Down the Rabbit Hole, ignited controversy for allegedly promoting drug use. Conservative Christian groups argued that Onions' books were nothing short of illustrated acid trips and successfully boycotted the two books. Both were taken out of circulation and Onions was dropped by his publisher. Onions vehemently denied that his books included drug references or the promotion drug use, but he dropped out of children’s literature entirely.

Now more than 30 years later, the 63-year-old Onions has resurfaced with a new children’s book scheduled to be published this fall. The book, called
Phlyst the Pony, is a return to Onions’ first passion – delighting children with his vivid imagination. DaRK PaRTY is pleased to offer our readers exclusive excerpts from Onions triumphant return to the literary spotlight.)

Phlyst the Pony

From Chapter One:

The sun, a massive ball of fiery yellow flames, rose rigidly on a misty, sodden meadow. The cascades of light caressed the droplets of dew until they sparkled like the sultry eyes of an underage virgin.Phlyst the beautiful pony stirred in his bed of damp, earthy moss. He rose on his mighty haunches and yawned to welcome the glorious morning. He clicked his hooves in joy and sprang into a trot, his wavy, golden mane rippling in the gentle breeze.

His muscles were stiff and he worked up a lather, picking up steam as his short, but powerful limbs dug into the rich, chocolate soil. Faster and faster, the beautiful pony Phlyst ran, scattering the dew as he sped through the meadow.

He raced over clover and heather. He streaked by maple trees and lilac bushes. He leaped over logs and streams.

"O glorious day!" he thought. "Take me in thy arms and squeeze me like a sticky bath towel!"

Phlyst the beautiful pony ran and ran...

From Chapter Two:

Phlyst the beautiful pony jumped high into the air and dove into the cold, frigid waters of the river. The icy embrace of the water made rows of goosebumps pop out over his firm, muscled skin. The wonder pony swam like a wiggly tadpole to the shore and he climbed majestically onto the beach.

The water slid down his slick chest and Phlyst lifted his muzzle into the air and whinnied in happiness. The sound echoed in the misty environment and awoke a napping water fairy.

The naked water fairy, known to all as Puckerlip gazed upon the beautiful pony Phlyst and felt his heart swell with love. His heart grew and grew until he could stroke it with his sweaty hands. Here was a magnificent pony on who he could impale his never-ending love to! Puckerlip fluttered into the air by beating his wings and jumped onto the back of the beautiful pony Phlyst!

"Let me ride thee pony!" Puckerlip shouted...

From Chapter Three:

Phlyst the beautiful pony shook his powerful back trying to shake the water fairy Puckerlip from his perch. But the fairy clung to his golden mane and laughed with loving glee as he bumped up and down.

The wonder pony hopped into the air and, clicking his heels, raced up the beach and into the meadow at a breakneck speed. Phlyst the beautiful pony pumped his legs harder and harder and he moved faster and faster. So fast that his flicking legs had become a blur.

Puckerlip wrapped his skinny, pale arms around Phlyst's neck as his growing love was replaced by a mounting fear. His fear grew so large and bulging that he could no longer fit it in his mouth.

"O marvelous pony!" Puckerlip shrieked. "Don't trample my love!"

From Chapter Four:

Phlyst the little pony bucked his shapely back and Puckerlip the water fairy tumbled to the meadow with a whack. The water fairy rubbed his engorged bump and began to weep.

"O glorious pony!" Puckerlip sobbed. "I only wanted to show my throbbing love for you!"

Phlyst the beautiful pony was moved by the heavy emotion. He realized that Puckerlip the water fairy had fallen into a trance of love for him. Phlyst the wonder pony whinnied his forgiveness and reared back on his hind legs. The sight of the majestic pony made Puckerlip's heart go pitter-patter, pitter patter. Flapping his gossamer wings, he flew into the spreading arms of Phlyst the beautiful pony.

The two became one. One. One with nature. One with each other. One, one, one. An eternity of oneness. At one with each other's hearts. One heart. Beating. One heart. Beating. Two coming together as one. The same. A complete oneness. One. One.

"We are one," Puckerlip the water fairy sighed.

Afterwards, they swam naked in the cold river to quench the fire of their passion...

(Author Neville Onions new book Phlyst the Pony will be available in the fall. He is the author of dozens of children’s books including the Caldecott Winner Ripley Hops Away. He lives in London with his partner of many years.)

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