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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Under God's Right Arm: The Satanic Appeal of Comic Books

By: Rev. Colson Crosslick

The commandment is one of the most significant sentences in English literature: “You shall have no other gods before me.” That powerful sentiment is delivered by the Lord God. He follows it up with the second commandment: “Do not make a sculpted image or any likeness of what is in the heavens above.”

There’s a reason why God puts those two commandments first. It’s a clear message that Christianity is the true religion and that his followers should not be worshipping false gods or images of false gods. “I’m the man!” God is saying in today parlance. That’s why I’m often amazed that Christians don’t get more serious about battling the evils of comic books, especially comic books about “alleged” superheroes.

Who, after all, is Superman if not a false god? He’s a savior of the earth – delivering it salvation from the forces of evil. A space creature with powers to rival God: flight, super-human strength, and X-ray vision. How does the Christian Right not understand what a danger Superman and his ilk impose on impressionable, young boys?

If we don’t put a stop to the growing popularity of comic books and the mega-industry of movies, video games and toys they have spawned then it won’t be long before our youth are kneeling down before Ironman rather than Jesus Christ. When children are awe-inspired by fictional "gods" in comic books rather than our rightful fictional God -- then we have problems.

Comic books are clear violations of the first two commandments and for that reason alone Christians should forbid their children from reading them. Take them to the dump! Burn them in a metal trash barrel! Sell them to Muslims on eBay! Do whatever it takes to get these satanic magazines out of your homes!

I’ve seen the effects of these Satanic volumes have on the soft-cheeked, young lads at my church. It’s like an addiction to crack cocaine or pornography of hot chicks dressed up like cheerleaders or nuns. Some boys get so hooked on comics that they end up on the Internet at dead-end destinations of despair like the Comic Book Resources Forums.

Need more proof that comic books are the Devil’s work? Look no further than the content of the more popular titles:

The Incredible Hulk. This comic is about a man who changes into a rampaging green demon that may, in fact, be a surrogate for Satan. This “transformation” is induced by lust, anger, pain, and humiliation. The Hulk then brutally attacks the cause of his “anger.” Do you really think this is a good message for our children? Even though Jesus went on his own rampage against the moneylenders he never turned green or ripped through is clothing. It's very doubtful he'd approve of the Hulk!

Wonder Woman. A comic book about a scantily-clad, big-breasted Amazon woman with a magic, golden lasso (obviously a symbol of her sadomasochistic impulses to tie up men). Need I say anymore about how this kind of tripe can cause hormone overload in young boys and turn them into anti-Christian rapists?

Thor. Talk about false gods! Thor is an ancient Norse god worshipped by the ancient druids of Scandanavia (Denmark, Norway, Holland and Italy). Norse people were barbarians and often wore helmets with horns on them (who does that remind you of!). Thor is the essence of a false god depicted as a superhero! This is exactly what the Lord was talking about in the first and second commandments!

Ghost Rider. The main character is a motorcycle riding freak with a flaming skull for a head. This superhero actually sold his soul to the Devil for his powers! Clearly the Satanic elements of comic books are front and center in this evil, little tome!

Doctor Strange. A sorcerer who draws his magic abilities from mystical places (most likely Hell!). He has the abilities to create illusions, teleport to other locations and to mentally possess other people (in much the same way that a demon possesses a person).

Here are the names of some other comic book heroes: Dead Girl, Nightwing, Deathstroke, Doctor Doom, Gay Ghost, Blue Devil, Manhunter and Human Torch. As you can see, these alleged superheroes resemble the evil minions of Satan more than real heroes. I won’t even go into details about the villains in these series because they are so vile that I’d need to read the Bible for a week just to recover my wits.

It makes one long for the days of John Wayne. Now that was a real hero!

If your kids want to read comics -- what about Archie? Or Richie Rich? Or Hot Stuff?

Superhero comic books are not the innocent reading material most Christian parents think they are. They are propaganda for an anti-Christian lifestyle that promote things like super powers, magic, other worlds, and free thinking. Don’t fall into the trap and let your kids read about reality -- in the Bible.

(The Rev. Colson Crosslick is pastor of the Pretty Good Shepherd Church in Ripsaw, Arkansas. In the past, he has called for a boycott of the Spiderman movies. He also writes the regularly appearing column Under God's Right Arm for DaRK PaRTY.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
If one were to be concerned about what is the honor of God alone. One's mind would not wander to that which is of no importance.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thank you, Anonymous. You're obviously one of those anti-Christian comic nerds who have replaced Jesus Christ with the Hulk.

Think long and hard about the path you are taking.

I'll pray for you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Part of living is experiencing and learning about all that is around you. If you take a way comic books and other works that you condemn to being "satan's work," then you are taking away the truth that resides in this world. And by taking a way that, any religion that you are practicing becomes a false relgion, for you are believing because you are merely being told what to believe, not because you made the choice to believe it. People can be told many things and believe them, but it does not make them true. For instance, if you know anything about that faith you so dearly abide by, then you would know that for some time the church declared that the earth was the center of the universe. Anyone who went against this belief was considered a heretic. After the church finally accepted they had been preaching a lie, the papal commision under the pope changed church doctrine, saying that the bible should not be taken so literally.
My point here is not to undermine the christian faith in anyway. Rather, I am telling you that our kids must be introduced to every thing around them. This includes the doctrine and beliefs of the christian faith, as well as all the other faiths. Then our kids can grow up, opened to the world around them and choose the religion that they think best. And also, come on, they are just comic books. If kids can't decipher truth from untruth when reading a comic book, you probably should not even be teaching them about religion. The alphabet is better way to start their education.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
just two things--
1. uh...I think the satanist guy needs a hug. Or some serious meds. And BTW--you satanists are technically Christians, since your "god" is the bad guy in the Christian Bible. You just worship the opposite side of the coin. Besides, the Old Testament refers to Satan as "The Adversary", who is an angel who works for God (Book of Job). Don't be stupid--you think and entity that created all of Creation couldn't snuff the Devil out at whim? Everything that happens is part of a bigger plan. And the MAN made the plan. Deal with it.

2. Uh--the reference to Norsemen wearing horned helmets--this is an artists fancy from the 17th century--no actual helms have EVER been discoved with horns on them--they would get in the way during combat, anyway.

My goodness--people are idiots...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh! And I love comics. And I am a Christian, too! Imagine that!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
To the Satanist:
You will burn, my friend, burn like the Bee Gees in HELL!

About Viking Helm doubter: Have you not seen the comic Hargar the Horrible? He has a helm with horns on them. How much evidence do you need?

Christians who love comic books need to read the Holy Bible MORE!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Late comment is late.. but yeah, this is a load of rubbish..

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