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Thursday, November 08, 2007
Poem: Walking to Work, 5:42 a.m.

By Jessica Fox-Wilson

Streetlights dot the sidewalk,
pierce the dark sky like stars.

Salt, gravel and ice slide
me forward, unsteadily. I know

what is coming next:
eight feet, ten feet, twenty

of packed semi, buttressed
by sheets of plywood. I will hop

left-right-left-right, blowing
warm breath into my freezing

fingers, taste rubber work gloves
on my lips. I will not talk

too early, will not wear a back brace
over shirt, under coat, will not

breathe black exhaust fumes, will not
ask for help hoisting the oak armoire

on the lone two wheeler, while
guiding it safely inside. The only

conversation will be two unfunny
morning DJs cackling on the radio

and my internal counting of cardboard
boxes, minutes on my time sheet,

minutes until the sky burns blue
and I crawl tired, home.

(Jessica Fox-Wilson 30 year old working poet/writer for Minnesota. In between her job, hobby, husband, friends, she is trying desperately to create a working writing life. As she balances all of this, she realizes that she can’t be the only one attempting this tightrope act. She authors the blog 9 to 5 Poet to share her experiences.)

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