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Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Poem: Senryrus for Dirtbags
By Christine Larsen


Like sociopaths,

Mosquitoes never worry

that they might hurt you.


Even as I watch,

you manage to steal from me.

You are such a dick.


Well-behaved and kind

as I am, I will explode



The phone is turned off;

the locks on the door are changed.

Can’t you take a hint?


Email me again,

and I swear, motherfucker,

I’ll burn that laptop.


Seven inches—ha!

I measure it in my hand;

six is generous.


Your “prowess” in bed—

even exaggerated—

must embarrass you.


Your three dogs leave more

of an impression on me

shitting in my yard.


A piece-of-shit car

left behind in the garage

has more use to me.


I dream you are dead

and ground up in a blender.

I wake up smiling.

(Artist by day and poet by night, Christine Larsen is a meanderer by nature. She is prone to overly dramatic pauses in conversations, unpredictable detours in thought and picking up shiny things. Christine is sometimes clever, often sarcastic and always highly susceptible to the temptations of chocolate and tequila. She lives and writes in Nashville, TN where her work can be seen and heard locally.)

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Blogger Unknown said...
This is just brilliant.
Wish I could cut down to the bone like that.

Blogger GFS3 said...
Christine is a very talented young poet. "Senryrus for Dirtbags" attracted us to publish it because of its raw emotional wallop.

Plus we like good revenge poetry. Glad you liked it.

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