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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
5 Questions About: X-Files
An Interview About the Greatest Sci-Fi
Series in TV History

(On July 25, the new “X-Files” movie "I Want to Believe" is slated to be released breaking voluntary hiatus that has lasted nearly six years when the TV show finally ended with a whimper rather than a howl. “X-Files” was the last TV show watched by DaRK PaRTY before we gave up idiot box viewing for good. “X-Files” remains one of the best shows in television history – for its groundbreaking mix of science-fiction, horror and social commentary. They went to the silver screen once before in 1998 – to less than stellar results. And the trailer for the new movie has us nervous. We want to believe its going to be a blockbuster because – quite frankly – we miss Mulder and Scully. So in order to help us cope, we turned to Holly Simon (also known as Lone Gun Gal), who runs the web site “X-File News.” This is a site for die-hard X-File fans who continue to need their fix. Holly was good enough to waltz down memory lane with us).

DaRK PaRTY: What do you think was the greatest appeal of the "X-Files" TV show?

Holly: I think generally the greatest appeal for the show would be the relationship between Mulder and Scully - regardless if you're a hopeless romantic or not. However, the fact that this show was the first 'sci-fi-esque' show to actually break into the nighttime lineup with success I believe is also a great factor to its appeal.

DP: Using no more than three sentences for each -- describe the characters of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

Holly: Mulder: Believer, who's determined to go to the ends of the world to prove he's right. Described as a loser by choice than circumstance. Downright hot.

Scully: Hard hitting scientist, skeptical through and through except when it comes to her devout catholic faith. Thoroughly flawed and imperfect, even through her striving to be the opposite. The hot sexy redhead who can hold her own with the men?

DP: What were your three favorite episodes in the series and why?

Holly: Personally, I would have to say my favorite is “Small Potatoes.” I don't know why - it just makes me laugh and its a fun episode. I also love "Home" for the story as well as the Mulder and Scully interaction; “Momento Mori” - probably one of the strongest episodes they've ever. My favorite scene, that to me defines the partnership between Mulder and Scully has to be the courtroom scene in “Terma.” For others, “Detour” and “Bad Blood” - again, I'm just a sucker for the fun episodes. I don't really have three favorites, but these sum up what I love about the show.

DP: Who were your two favorite supporting characters and why?

Holly: Skinner is always a favorite - the hard nosed boss whom you really didn't know whose side he was on until late in the game. He also had some of the greatest lines of the X-files (“Now this is where you pucker up and kiss my ass” - you just can't beat that!)

Another favorite of mine would have to be the Well Manicured Man played by John Neville - he added class to the dark side of the show, and also showed that the ones who Mulder was fighting against really felt they had their hearts in the right place, but were also capable to admit when they were wrong and do whatever they could do in their power to help Mulder (which, in “Fight the Future,” he gave his life).

DP: In our opinion, the first "X-Files" movie disappointed. What are your expectations for the second movie and do you believe the
X-Files will become a film series like the Bond movies?

Holly: I would just like to see the movie redeem itself from the last two seasons of its run. The first movie for me was okay - not a blockbuster, but at least it added to the original storyline of the show.

Seasons 8 and 9 just took that storyline completely out of control. I think it will be a breath of fresh air seeing the story go back to a “Monster of the Week” story rather than the mythology of the show certainly. I think it will bring back the long time fans of the show back to it if they were turned off by the latter seasons. I would love to see it turn into a series like the Bond movies, however I think its the type of show/movie that won't be able to survive lead changes unless there's a really good explanation. I don't know how accepting the fans of the show would be to a lead change, given the general reaction to the latter seasons.

However, I do feel there should be a third movie - if only to tie up the mythology that the show started, and to me, failed to end with the series finale of the show. The end of the world is coming in 2012? They should really do a movie about that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
it is fantastic Sci-fi tv show which i based on investigation and have two main character who investigate on x cases. i had watch all the episodes of this tv shows after download the x-files. Dana Scully is my favorite character of this tv show.

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