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Friday, March 06, 2009
Poem: Sunrise Over Worcester

By Josiah Bardsley

The March sun rises over the cold Worcester hills
And his heart holds its mysteries silent and still
Grey as coal dust, this strange day breaks
And with the soft light of dawn, a new soul it takes

High above the trees, staring out across the line
Of the barren shade of beauty that still endures to shine
In the days about to come, in the weeks of recent past
The hope that has sustained me is ebbing now at last

For it’s the darkest shade of dawn that takes away the light
When the deepest breath he took was just to last throughout the night
But the dawn cannot turn around and reverse the fate of day
And we cannot last beyond what is our determined stay

And so it marches steady and so it marches on
The coal grey light of endings, this dismal Worcester dawn
So go ahead, and take what’s yours, I see no other way
And leave the rest of us to make it through this dismal Worcester day

(Josiah Bardsley lives in San Francisco where he spends way too much time hanging out in used bookstores and bars. He likes fog, small dogs and moonlit walks on the beach....really. This is his first submission to DaRK PaRTY)

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