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Wednesday, September 03, 2008
10 Reasons Why Sarah Palin Will Submarine McCain's Campaign

1. Abstinence really doesn’t work

Palin wants to spend U.S. tax money to teach America’s children abstinence, yet she can’t even convince her own daughter to follow that advice. One wonders if Palin regrets not slipping her daughter, now five months pregnant, a box of condoms.

2. Palin calls her husband Todd “the First Dude.”

How nice that the henpecked second in command gets a cute title and is allowed – on occasion – to go snowmobiling.

3. She’s mean and vindictive

One of her first acts after being elected mayor of Wasilla (population 6,715) was to fire the police chief, librarian, public works director and finance director because she felt they didn’t support her administration.

4. She has less than two years of experience as Governor of Alaska

Alaska has about 680,000 residents. If it were a city in the United States it would barely crack the Top 20 largest. Memphis has more people than Alaska.

5. McCain is too rash

His campaign can say what they like about how much they investigated Palin, but reality is that McCain liked her and pulled the trigger before looking into her background. When your VP choice keeps making headlines because her life resembles an episode of Jerry Springer – you screwed up.

6. Palin is under investigation for abuse of power

She alleged fired Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan in retaliation for not terminating her former brother-in-law an Alaska State Trooper who is involved in a messy child custody battle with Palin’s sister.

7. She is a member of the Wasilla Assembly of God Church

Her pastor (and a lifelong friend), Ed Kalnins, has preached that critics of George W. Bush will be banished to hell.

8. She’s a pro-life nut job

Palin is an anti-abortion extremist who wants to ban legal abortions even in cases of rape or incest.

9. Palin believes Iraq is a holy war

During a talk at her church, Palin said: “there is a plan (for the Iraq War) and that plan is God’s plan.”

10. So much for family values

She eloped with her high school boyfriend when she was 24. Her teenage daughter is pregnant. Her sister’s former husband is accused of using a cattle prod on his child. She hired a man reprimanded for sexual harassment for the state’s highest law enforcement position.

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Blogger Uncle Gustav said...
I thought she'd sink the GOP. Yet here in the heart of PA, she's become something of a superstar. The hard right has no apparent problem with a 44-year-old "soccer mom" hillbilly gun nut a heartbeat away from running the free world.

I keep my ears open, trying to learn their rationale. They don't come out and say it, but it's very clear to me: Obama's black, and my neighbors (and especially my elderly in-laws) simply can't get beyond that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm a Libertarian, so I could give 2 sh*ts honestly, but I do think it's funny how everyone's so up-in-arms about Palin.

We've had MUCH more under-qualified people run on a Presidential ticket and no one made this kind of stink.

All of this attention on her shows the Democrats' transparency: She REALLY DOES make them worry. She has the ability to pull more undecided Feminist votes, more blue collar votes and more die-hard Clinton lover votes.

If she wasn't such a threat, Democrats wouldn't spend nearly as much time as they do trying to smear her image.

Blogger GFS3 said...
Of course she's a threat -- she wants to teach creationism in public schools and has only visited three other countries in her life. She's an inexperienced born again Christian who thinks God is involved in the Iraq War.

I'm a liberal who actually likes John McCain. I'm not crazy about his policies (or his shift right), but I respect him as honest, hard working and straight forward.

Palin, however, was a bad choice.

Even as a libertarian you should care about who is going to be leading our country for the next four years.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Libertarian = Disgruntled Ex-Republican

Blogger GFS3 said...
Libertarian = Excuse to do nothing, but complain incessantly.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
First off, I'm offended that neither of you know me personally or know how active and outspoken and involved I am in local politics, but choose to imply that because my politics lean Libertarian, I am apathetic and only complain.

It's like me posting:

Democrats= Socialists who cry all of the time about how life's not fair and.

Republicans= Rich, aristocrat War-Mongers.

Your generalizations are petty, juvenile and unfair. You know NOTHING about me personally, so don't generalize me.

Try educating yourself on how many industrialized countries in the world other than us have such an extreme 2 party biased. But it sounds like you both have bought into McBama's "change" platforms.

Aside from your ridiculous attempts to discredit me, what I was trying to point out is that the same Democrats that claim she is no threat to the OBAMA CAMPAIGN, are the same ones spending so much time dicrediting her.

You would think that if the Dems were so sure that this election was in the bag, that they wouldn't be so worried about her.

gfs3, for the record, I'm not down with most of her personal politics either. Again, I do't support either ticket, but I also don't appreciate you inferring that I don't care about who will be leadin our country.

I will vote for a 3rd party candidate to have my "voice", but in order for "radicals" like myself to make a difference, we have to work at local levels to try and educate people away from the Media's portrayal of 3rd party candidates and get Independents into Congress.

You know it's funny. I would have expected readers of a "not-so-mainstream" Blog to be a little more "not-so-mainstream"....interesting that you all feel such resentment towards 3rd party voters.
Since all we have had in this country since it's inception is a 2-party system, it would seem all of the "change" advocates would look into such a thing for "REAL" change.

Blogger GFS3 said...
Hi Bonk:
I was reacting to your comment that you didn't give two shits about the situation. And then I lapsed into my normal sarcastic humor, which clearly offended you. Sorry about that.

I don't mean disparage third parties or Libertarians (some of my best friends are Libertarians!). In fact, I often vote and support Green party candidates. I believe we should open up the political system to all candidates and all parties. You're right about that. We need reform.

Good luck to your candidates -- and please keep coming back to Dark Party and leaving behind your great insights. I really do appreciate the feedback and reading different perspectives -- even if I can be a wise-ass most of the time.

Blogger GFS3 said...
And, of course, I meant Donk -- not Bonk!

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