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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Poem: Haha...

By Alexis Ryan

and you look at me...
i am yours.
your love.
your light.
your sunshine in early morning.
your first cup of tea.

i am.
your enemy.
your engagement.
your sovereign circle.

i am.
your voluptuous toy,
with wide hips and
an exaggerated bosom...
my bosom is perfect.
this, i know.

i am.
your sex addict.
as i am addicted to you.
and yours. so sweet.

i am.
your wife. and as a wife should be,
the mother of your children.
your mistress. too.

i am.
your needs...your
exasperated desires of
of nothingness...
and everythingness...
and partnershipness...

whatever you call it.

i am.
your best friend.
your drinking buddy
on saturday night,
at the irish pub
on the corner...
your buddy.
with sweet, sweet
succulent lips,
engorged with blood
and energy
and sex
and love


you love me.
i am.
your everything.
this, i know.

(Alexis Ryan grew up in the mountains of Colorado, and now resides in the windy city of the midwest. Which she hates. She studies psychology, smokes and drinks too much. And occasionally writes. She claims to be complicatedly passionate and irrationale. "I drink coffee every morning and and wine every night. And I dream. About stuff.")

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