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Monday, May 26, 2008
Poem: In the Dark Woods

By Mike Snider

Getting into the woods is easy--
Even in a park you leave the path

Only a moment--turned around--
Everything is almost right--

That beech was an oak--
The creek gone underground for a spell

Three notes sounding smooth rocks
Quartz breaking open in the hand--

In the thicket wait
Burrs, cuts, and ticks

Up the stony hill
Trampled ferns and asthma

Down the gully broken logs
Or is it legs?

Well. Nothing for it
But to get on with it.

This time you're on your own.

(Mike Snider, a computer programmer, with the heart and soul of a poet and musician. He scribbles with passion at his poetry blog Mike Snider on Poetry. He also plays in the band the Baker Boys in his home state of Maryland. This is Mike's first poem on

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