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Monday, May 22, 2006
DaRK PaRTY Literary Resource Page
DaRK PaRTY Literary Resource Page

We love books and literature, so we write a lot about it. We've created this resource page to allow for easy access to all the writers, books, and short stories that have appeared on the pages of DaRK PaRTY. The Literary Resource Page is divided into alphabetical order by author's last name. Thus, if you're searching for Ernest Hemingway -- look under "Hemingway, Ernest."

The Literary Resources Page includes links to critical analysis of books and writers, essays on the writers or literary topics, interviews about famous writers, and interviews with authors. If you have any questions about the material please write us at DarkPartyReview(AT)gmail(DOT)com or leave us a comment.

Almond, Steve

Author Interview

Asimov, Isaac

Literary Criticism: The Man Who Never Told a Lie

Austen, Jane

5 Questions About: Jane Austen

Bauerlein, Mark

Author Interview
Book Short: The Dumbest Generation

Benedek, E.A.

Book Review: Red Sea

Bierce, Ambrose

Literary Criticism: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
5 Questions About: Ambrose Bierce
Two Poems: Nightmare and Detected

Brown, Margaret Wise

Essay: Hello, Miss Brown, Goodnight Moon
Essay: Children's Books that Won't Drive Parents Insane

Bruen, Ken

Author Interview

Bukowski, Charles

Essay: Learning to Love Bukowski
Interview with Linda King, Bukowski ex-girlfriend
5 Questions About: Charles Bukowski
Essay: 5 Writers Every Man Should Read
Poem About Bukowski

Burroughs, Edgar Rice

Essay: Ode to John Carter of Mars

Carver, Raymond

Literary Criticism: They're Not Your Husband

Essay: 5 Writers Every Man Should Read

Cheknov, Anton

Literary Criticism: A Dead Body

Clark, Susanna

Book Review: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Connell, Richard

Literary Criticism: The Most Dangerous Game

Cormier, Robert

Essay: Robert Cormier and the Radicalization of Young Adult Fiction

Crane, Stephen

Literary Criticism: The Upturned Face

Dahl, RoaldLink Literary Criticism: Lamb to the Slaughter

de Maupassants, Guy

Literary Criticism: The Vendetta

Dickens, Charles

Essay: 5 Kooky, Wonderful Facts About Dickens
5 Questions About: Charles Dickens
Essay: The Most Memorial Supporting Characters in Dickens
Essay: Reading Dickens

Doyle, Arthur Conan

5 Questions About: Sherlock Holmes

Ellis, Bret Easton

Essay: Less Than Good

Faulbert, Gustave

Book Short: Madam Bovary

Faulkner, William

5 Questions About: William Faulkner

Book Short: As I Lay Dying

Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Literary Criticism: The Lost Decade

Frost, Polly

Author Interview

Fleming, Ian

Book Short: Moonraker
5 Questions About: James Bond

Gaiman, Neil

Book Review: American Gods

Gorman, Ed

Author Interview

Gryphon, A.W.
Author Interview

Harrison, Kim

Author Interview

Hemingway, Ernest

Literary Criticism: Indian Camp
Literary Criticism: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place
5 Questions About: Hemingway

Irving, Washington

Literary Criticism: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Jackson, Shirley

Literary Criticism: The Lottery

Joyce, James

Literary Criticism: Counterparts

Kerouac, Jack

Essay: On the Road Turns 50

Jacobs, W.W.

Essay: The World's Scariest Short Story? (The Monkey's Paw)

King, Stephen

Literary Criticism: Quitters, Inc.
Essay: 5 Scariest Stephen King Novels
Essay: A King Thing

Lardner, Ring

Literary Criticism: Haircut

Lott, Malena

Author Interview

Marques, Gabriel Garcia

Literary Criticism: One of These Days

Mailer, Norman

Essay: Farewell, Lord Mailer

Matheson, Richard

Literary Criticism: I am Legend
Book Review: The Incredible Shrinking Man

McCarthy, Cormac

Essay: Our Sort-of-Kind-of Apology to Cormac McCarthy
Book Short: The Road

Melville, Herman

Reading Moby Dick - Part 1
Reading Moby Dick - Part 2
Reading Moby Dick - Part 3
Reading Moby Dick - Part 4
Reading Moby Dick - Part 5

Parker, Dorothy

5 Questions About: Dorothy Parker

Parker, Robert B.

7 Toughest Detectives: Spenser
Essay: Robert B. Parker Should Kill Spenser

Poe, Edgar Allan

Literary Criticism: The Masque of the Red Death
Essay: The Mad and Bad Writings of a Genius

Pollan, Michael

Book Review: The Omnivore's Dilemma

Proulx, Annie E.

Literary Criticism: Heart Songs

Remarque, Erich Maria

Book Short: All Quiet on the Western Front

Rowling, J.K.

Essay: Banning Harry Potter

Salvatore, R.A.

Author Interview

Shakespeare, William

Essay: A Selection of Shakespearean Insults
5 Questions About: Shakespeare
Essay: Reflecting on Death and Shakespeare

Smith, Michael Marshall

Author Interview
Book Short: The Straw Men

Spiegelman, Art

Essay: Maus Revisited

Stevenson, Robert Louis

Literary Criticism: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Book Short: Treasure Island

Stockton, Frank

Literary Criticism: The Lady, or the Tiger

Swierczynski, Duane

Author Interview
Book Short: Severance Package

Theroux, Paul

Literary Criticism: World's End

Tinti, Hannah

Author Interview

Vonnegut, Kurt

Literary Criticism: Welcome to the Monkey House
Book Short: A Man Without A Country

Wellington, David

Author Interview
Book Short: 99 Coffins

Wharton, Edith

Literary Criticism: A Journey
Book Short: The Age of Innocence

Wolff, Tobias

Literary Criticism: Casualty
Essay: 5 Writers Every Man Should Read

Zeltserman, Dave

Book Review: Small Crimes

On Literature:

Writer Interviews: Remarkable Literary Characters
Great Openings of 12 Classic Novels
A Menu of Tasty Books
Essay: Fixing Our Reading Problem
Essay: Banning Harry Potter
Unusual Literary Deaths
So You Want to be a Private Eye
Essay: Children's Books that Won't Drive Parents Insane
Writer Interviews: Great Books Part 1
Writer Interviews: Great Books Part 2

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